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"I'm Looking For A Few More Of My 
DREAM Clients..."
If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business To Help You Triple Your Profits Over The Next 12 Months

Quint Whipple says,

"The profits of my business are up more than 400% since working with Travis..."
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Discover The Tactics And Strategies That I've Used To Build Multiple Businesses From 0 to Multi-Million Dollar Levels On A Shoestring Budget With Very Little Money That Have Generated 70+ Million Dollars For Me Personally
(Here's What A Few Of Our Recent Clients Are Saying - Watch These Short Testimonial Videos To See How  The Tactics And Strategies We Use To Grow A Wide Range Of Service Oriented Businesses)
As A Member Of Our Program You Can Eliminate The Guesswork And Start Implementing Proven Systems That Create Wealth And Time Freedom Through Your Business
        While being surrounded by people that get YOU and understand what you are going through on a day-to-day basis as a business owner because they are going through the same things too
What "The Business Breakthrough Program" Is:
The Closest Thing To FREE Money That You'll Ever See
If You Get Accepted Into "The Business Breakthrough Program," this is how it will work:

First we will get on the phone and go over what you've already got…
  • We will perform a deep dive assessment of your business
  • We'll gain a clear understanding of what's costing you profit and revenue and what you should be doing to quickly overcome those issues
  • We'll create a concise set of action items that you need to start focusing on immediately to make the biggest impact on your business the fastest
  • Once we've created this road map with the deep dive assessment of your business, if we both agree (you and I) that you are a good fit for our coaching program we'll discuss the next steps for you being placed into a small mentoring group.
  •  If you are accepted into the mentoring group we will show you how to execute each step of the systems that will give you the financial and time freedom through the success of your business
  •  You'll be moved into a small mentoring group where Travis will personally mentor you so that you are able to make constant improvements to generate growth and revenue
And it's really that simple...
Stop guessing at what you should be doing...
Success and financial freedom is really just a series of formulas that are applied to your unique situation.
It's gonna be easy... first you do this and then you scale fast!
How Fast You Can Scale...
When It's "Right..."

Virtually every business that we've ever looked at (with revenues under $5 million annually) are missing several key elements that allow you to generate revenue and higher levels of profits in a predictable manner.

This typically means that you are missing a combination of several components. I'll list a few to give an example:

  •  Not enough sources for lead generation
  •  Poor marketing
  •  Poor lead generation sources
  •  Poor lead qualification
  •  No systems to nurture leads
  •  Lack of targeting to your most profitable prospects
  •  No tracking of leads
  •  No assessment of leads
  •  Poor profit margins
  •  Poor profit and loss tracking
  •  Offering services that actually lose money
  •  No profit and loss systems that are easy-to-understand
  •  No systems for up selling or cross-selling
  •  and much more

You don't need all of these elements to have immediate success. In fact based on your unique situation you'll need to focus on a few key elements first that will allow you to start growing profit and revenue very quickly.

Once these issues are eliminated and you are shown how to close these gaps in your business, it's much easier to start drastically increasing the profitability of your business without working more hours. 

This is the point where you evolve from being a business owner to an entrepreneur. This is also the critical step to scaling your business to multi million dollar levels.

If you don't have our coaching, what do you have?
You can continue to do the same thing hoping for different results
With Our Program You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even QUADRUPLING your business... but do you know which ones?
The Business Breakthrough Mastermind & Mentoring Program Membership Criteria

Let me explain who should apply for the membership... the kind of members we're looking for.

First we're looking for "like-minded" folks from around the world.

I want people who are passionate about growing their business.

I want people who don't look for excuses, but look for ways to grow.

Most important of all...

I want members who are positive... Who see the potential in our club... And are willing to help make it one of the worlds finest best and most exclusive groups.

They say that your income will become the average of the five people you spend the most time around.

I believe that... don't you?

One of the fastest ways to increase your income is not always learning a new marketing strategy...

Often times it's doing a better job of picking the people that you surround yourself with.

This is the effect of a mastermind approach.

Thoughts and ideas are contagious, and if you're spending your free time on Facebook discussing and sharing ideas with the people you accepted as "friends"...

Not only will your IQ drop... So will the amount of money you earn.

It's a proven fact.

Change your friends...Change your future

Today, with the exception of my family... Nothing has been more important in my life than the incredible opportunities I've gained from my friendships and associations with other accomplished individuals. 

And so with this letter, I would like to invite you to join our special club. I'm very excited about this private group of friends we've put together and I think you will be too.

Here Are The Terms And Conditions Of Our Group That Makes It Such An Incredible Synergy Between The Entrepreneurs Within The Group

You own a business that is dedicated to providing quality Services/Products (this does not mean you are perfect), however you are striving for refinement. We only work with ethical businesses. 

You are willing to put in the work, time and effort to learn and grow 

You realize this is a mentoring/mastermind program 

You realize that this is not a done for you program 

You’re ready to take control of your future 

You are not arrogant or a ‘Know It All’ 

You are able to graciously take advice and critiques 

You are able to give advice and critiques graciously to others in the group 

You are tired of guessing what will work and you are willing to take action 

You are responsive when messages are sent to you, meaning you will open them, read them and take action. 

You have a CAN DO attitude 

You are NOT a victim 

You are NOT a negative person. In our experience we have found that there’s a small group of people that cannot be satisfied, no matter what. If that is you, do not join this program. This program is about giving you the tools, metrics, relationships and mentoring to 'do more' and 'be more' through the success of your business

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